Amazon Wild Slot

The Amazon Wild Slot Machine is to be commended for its remarkable combination of both colourful graphics as well as immersive and engrossing gameplay, which is sure to have the player at edge of their seat whenever they do decide to fire up the game. Accurately including and portraying a variety of the creatures routinely found in the Amazon rainforest, this jungle inspired slot machine will have you roaring with delight if you manage to bag yourself the top jackpot of 1000 coins that is on offer. Some people have commented that the sound effects and the graphics of the Amazon Wild Slot Machine are so realistic that they find themselves surprised that they were not actually in the Amazon itself!

The Amazon Wild Slot Machine represents something of a major stumbling block for many people, who will no doubt be somewhat aggrieved and deterred by virtue of the fact that the Amazon Wild Slot Machine requires that the player wagers on all 100 of its paylines. In addition, whilst the Amazon Wild Slot Machine has 5 reels, each of the reels happens to be 4 characters long. Thankfully, the wager requirement per payline is fairly affordable as it is capped at 0.01-1.00 which can be wagered either in Pounds, Dollars or Euros as the player sees fit. However, when you compare the amounts on offer, versus the amounts requested, there seems to be a major discrepancy between the two.

The Amazon Wild Slot Machine is standard fare in that it provides the player with wild and scatter symbols, with the wild symbols used to complete an otherwise unfinished combination of symbols, whilst the scatter symbols are used to entitle the player entry to the bonus round.

If the player is able to acquire a minimum of 3 of the Amazon treasure maps, they will then be automatically taken to the other bonus round which happens to be the Amazon Treasure Bonus Feature. Here, in this bonus round, the player will have their chance to win additional bonus prizes in addition to the winnings already earned and accumulated within the normal gameplay of the Amazon Wild Slot Machine. Please note that the prizes are randomized whenever the player enters into the round, therefore, it is impossible to specify what exactly they will be.

Please note that this slot machine game is available at the Virgin Casino, and players can claim an Exclusive £150 bonus.

Play “Amazon Wild Slot Machine ” At Virgin Casino With a £150 Exclusive Bonus.

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