Tomb Raider 2 Slot

The Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine is aptly named, as it is based on and inspired by the video game series of the same name. it is important to appreciate however that the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine is not a replica of the PSone game of the same name, and so the reason for the name of the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine is due to the fact that it happens to be the sequel of its predecessor.

Initially, there was a significant amount of scepticism concerning the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine, as there were concerns raised that the game was nothing more than a tie in to the original and therefore would provide the player with a limited gaming experience, with the sole mandate of generating more money for the producers at the detriment of the player. Thankfully, such concerns have been proven to be utterly bogus and the reason for this is due to the highly generous jackpot, cheap wager requirements and excellent quality of graphics that the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine possesses.
Clocking in at 5 reels and 30 paylines, the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine happens to be larger than the average slot machine, and one of the most commendable features of the game is the extremely affordable wager requirement per payline it requires of the player, which is set at 0.01-0.20 per payline. When you weight this against the jackpot that can be won, 6500 coins to be exact, it is plain to see why the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine is so popular.

The only negative feature of the Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine is the limited range of currency that can be used and so specifically, the player will need to submit a wager using either Euros, Dollars or Pounds. Sadly, the same restrictions apply to the payment of jackpots and other winnings.

The Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine also happens to include a very exciting and unique bonus round as well, the “Shoot Out” bonus round. Here, the player will be presented with a series of discs which they will then proceed to eliminate one by one, with each of the discs containing an item. It is a quick and highly enjoyable way to get additional prizes!

Please note that this slot machine game is available at the Virgin Casino, and players can claim an Exclusive £150 bonus.

Play ” Tomb Raider 2 Slot Machine ” At Virgin Casino With a £150 Exclusive Bonus.

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