The Rubik’s Slot as you may have guessed is based on the popular Rubik’s Cube puzzle. Don’t worry about complex game play as the Rubik’s Slot is a breeze to play. Simply click the “Play” button, and the cube rotates all by itself. Prizes are won depending on how many completed sides and lines on the cube you match. Minimum coins size is 0.10 with a maximum of 10. One great feature of the Rubik’s Slot is the massive 50,000 coins jackpot. The graphics as you would expect are crisp and sharp and the game play perhaps just like the original Rubik’s cube is very addictive. Simply a great game that breaks the mould. Try our exclusive Virgin Casino £150 bonus! Daily Cash Back Promotions Now Available!

The Rubik’s Slot is a refreshing change for those who are looking for something different. Great graphics, sound and addictive game play make this slot one of our all time favourites. Play Rubik’s slot at Virgin and get £150 FREE!

Perhaps not for the action junkies who prefer traditional slots with arcade style action bonus rounds.

Clicking the play button starts the Rubik cube spinning. Line up 3 squares of the same colour in a straight line to win a prize. Line up an entire side and you win prizes for all the lines plus s special bonus. To trigger the bonus rounds imply light up all the letters. The bonus game of the Rubik’s Slot entails selecting one of 27 cubes and then peeling off the sticker to reveal the prize won. You can win additional Free Plays or additional cubes. A Free Play is basically like a free spin so the game will run for free, without you having to spend any money. The jackpot is an amazing £50,000!

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