Treasures of Troy Slot

The Treasures of Troy Slot Machine is heavily inspired by the Ancient Greek legend of the Trojan War which was waged when Helen of Troy, reputed to be the most beautiful woman in the world was abducted by Paris, prince of the city of Troy. It was also reputed that the city of Troy was a city that was extremely wealthy indeed, although to its credit, it was Helen who was regarded as the jewel in an already very impressive crown. With this slot machine, the player will have their chance to win their very own treasure, and if they play their cards right, they maybe to get their hands on a Helen of their own!

The Treasures of Troy Slot Machine is a rather large slot machine and indeed, it happens to be the one of the biggest slot machines produced and released by the WagerWorks Company to date. Weighing in with 5 reels and 40 paylines, the Treasures of Troy Slot Machine provides the player with the chance to win a jackpot of 5000 “credits”. Please note that the term credit here is simply used to refer to the fact that the 5000 jackpot will be payable in whatever currency the player chooses it be to paid out in.

The Treasures of Troy Slot Machine maybe bigger than the average WagerWorks slot machine, but the payline wager requirement is squarely the same as it is capped at 0.01-5.00 per payline and so if the player is feeling especially lucky, they will be staking $200 per spin. As is standard with WagerWork slot machines, the Treasures of Troy Slot Machine accepts (only) Euros, Dollars and Pounds.

Please note that the 5000 credits specified earlier as the top jackpot refers to the base amount of money that the player can win, and so if the player is able to acquire all of the relevant multiplier agents and other bonus effects, this value can reach 250,000!

You can’t blame the Treasures of Troy Slot Machine producers for having a sense of humour. In an ironic turn of events, the original Trojan horse resulted in the ultimate downfall and demise of the Trojans. For the player, it will ensure their ultimate good fortune and success, as the player will be able to gain access to the Free Spin Bonus Round feature included in the Treasures of Troy Slot Machine.

Please note that this slot machine game is available at the Virgin Casino, and players can claim an Exclusive £150 bonus.

Play ” Treasures of Troy Slot Machine ” At Virgin Casino With a £150 Exclusive Bonus.

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