Tomb Raider Slot

The Tomb Raider Slot Machine prominently features the Raider of Tombs herself, Lara Croft, the PSX video game babe who kicked ass and went treasure hunting in very revealing shorts. The face behind a whole genre of video gaming, Lara directly secured the long term commercial success of not only the Tomb Raider series, but the PSX console as well.

However, the Tomb Raider Slot Machine will not only appeal to diehard fans of the franchise, as the grand jackpot of 7,500 should be more than sufficient to make even the most ardent Lara hater (sadly, there are such misguided souls in the world) want to try their luck with the Tomb Raider Slot Machine.

The Tomb Raider Slot Machine is very much like Lara herself, deceptively small, incredibly easy on the eye, but don’t be fooled: they both pack quite a punch especially when you are least expecting them to do so. The dimensions of the Tomb Raider Slot Machine are 5 reels and 15 paylines, and the wager requirement per payline happens to be one of the most cost effective and directly affordable on offer on the internet to this date, as it stands at 0.05-0.50.

The player should be aware that it is in their best interests to ensure that when they are playing the Tomb Raider Slot Machine that the connection to the game is not interrupted for whatever reason. The reason for this is that if there happens to be any technical malfunctions such as the internet browser of the player crashing, the progress of the player is automatically voided without exception.

In the Tomb Raider Slot Machine, just like in the video game, the player will have the opportunity to hunt for additional prizes and treasure. Specifically, within the Tomb Raider Slot Machine, the player will be able to try their luck with the Tomb Raider Bonus Feature which can be accessed by virtue of the player acquiring a minimum of three idol symbols within the same payline during a single spin.

In the Idol Round, the player will be presented with a collection of different idol symbols from which they will choose the appropriate ones which will then net the player points and additional prizes as and when required.

Please note that this slot machine game is available at the Virgin Casino, and players can claim an Exclusive £150 bonus.

Play ” The Tomb Raider Slot Machine ” At Virgin Casino With a £150 Exclusive Bonus.

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